How We Operate
Our core values are a part of everything we do.


"Thru the years since I purchased the System Protect insurance, I have had several items that needed to be repaired. All of the repairs [were] done on time and [I was] very satisfied with the results. Last year my furnace was replaced and is working wonderful again. I am and will keep recommending the System Protect insurance to family and friends!"
– M.S.
Fishkill, NY
CCHS Core Values

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service and are continually seeking new ways to improve the customer experience. Whether it is via telephone, online or in person, every interaction we have is based on seven guiding principles, which are our highest priorities and driving forces. They are the core values that provide the cornerstone for all we do for our customers, clients, associates, and communities.

At CCHS, We:

  • Seek to understand first 
  • Continuously learn about our customers and each other 
  • Take ownership in enhancing the customer experience 
  • Engage customers in a positive proactive way 
  • Personalize all interactions 
  • Build lasting relationships
Value Others 
  • Act with honesty and integrity 
  • Communicate openly, directly, and respectfully 
  • Do the right thing for our clients, colleagues, and communities 
  • Earn and cherish trust
Promote Improvement 
  • Help each other grow individually and collectively 
  • Empower others and foster their strengths 
  • Embrace new ideas and solutions 
  • Innovate and build our expertise 
  • Jointly define and measure success 
  • Drive and support change
Reject Status Quo 
  • Challenge ourselves everyday 
  • Deliver on our promises 
  • Expect and deliver our best 
  • Display tenacity, resilience, and adaptability 
  • Begin with our vision in mind 
Embrace Passion
  • Know what we do makes a difference 
  • Demonstrate pride, urgency and energy 
  • Driven to be our best 
  • We just don't play…we play to win 
Act Like Owners 
  • Take responsibility for our choices, actions, and consequences 
  • Focus efforts based on long-term, insightful view of industry, clients, and opportunities 
  • Facts are friendly: You have the right to your own opinion but not to your own facts. 
  • Take demonstrating and understanding our organization mission, vision, and values personally 
  • Work with anyone who can live our values
Celebrate Success! 
  • We look for what people do right 
  • Find the good in all we do 
  • Demonstrate appreciation for effective performance and significant achievements