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"Very important item to get with a new/pre-owned home purchase for all new homeowners. Lets new homeowner focus on everyday family life and know when an emergency comes up there is someone already standing by to assist. When you are in a new neighborhood it is comforting to know there is someone to help if needed for those emergency breakdowns. It lifts a great weight off the new homeowner's shoulders, we have enough to worry about that first year. So we thank you for your service to us when needed."
– J.L.
Jacksonville, FL
LineProtect Series by CCHS

CCHS partners with utility companies to offer homeowners a la carte protection plans for various utility lines inside and outside the home, including gas, electric, water and sewer lines. This targeted protection provides peace of mind for homeowners and gives utility companies a new way to connect with them.

The CCHS LineProtect series includes plans for:
Gas Lines
Programs are available to cover interior or exterior service lines.
Inside Electric Lines
We offer coverage for issues with electrical outlets, switches, fuses, breakers and other inside wiring. Additional surge protection is also available.
Water Lines
Our plan covers leaks or breaks anywhere in the water service line.
Outside Sewer Lines
Offer customers repair and replacement coverage for the sewer drain line that runs from the home to the mainline hook-up.
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