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"I feel that the [service] company went above and beyond to help me resolve my problem. I was requesting last minute service on a Friday. I explained that I had visitors at my home that included 2 children. They worked me into their schedule and replaced the blower motor on my furnace. They communicated with me several times thoughout the day to keep me informed of their progress towards getting to my service request. Fantastic experience."
– R.B.
Hilliard, OH
"When I have a problem, there is no hassle. The whole process is so easy and I am particularly pleased that the servicers are professional and know what they are doing. "
– B.C.
Millersville, MD
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1. Make a Service Request

When a  covered system or appliance breaks down, you can make a service request online or by calling the toll free number on your welcome kit.  Be sure to have your warranty number handy. 

2. Schedule a Service Appointment

Once you submit your claim, you will be assigned an approved, pre-qualified service partner to handle your request.  We will provide you with the service partner's contact information so you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

3. Pay Your Deductible or Service Fee

The service partner will collect the deductible from you at the time of service as defined in your contract.  If your service request covers more than one item, or if more than one trade is needed to complete your repair (e.g. plumber and electrician), multiple deductibles may apply.

4. Have Your Covered item Repaired or Replaced

Our service partner will diagnose the problem and contact us with the details so we can determine coverage eligibility and the best course of action -- repair, replacement, or possibly a claims credit.  You will be notified of any items that are not covered and any additional costs before the work begins.

5. Give Us Your Feedback

After your service has been completed, you will receive a survey asking for feedback about your experience.  We want you to be satisified with the service you receive, and we use your feedback to continually improve our warranty programs.