Provider Benefits
Let our customers become your customers.
"You've always taken care of me in our time of need without hassle."
– E.M.
Virginia Beach, VA

Provider Benefits

Since 1980, CCHS has offered a comprehensive product suite, including home service plans, home maintenance, energy efficiency products, emergency home assistance, line protection and custom products. We have helped businesses like yours increase their customer base and revenue.

We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. Some of the many value-added benefits our service providers experience include:

  • Increase your sales and service volume. We can help build your business by referring you to our home warranty plan holders and real estate agents.
  • Create additional awareness and repeat business for your business without increasing marketing costs. If a warranty holder allows their warranty to expire, they are more likely to call you for their future service needs. In addition, if the service problem you have diagnosed is not covered by the warranty holder's plan, you can provide a quote and personally sell new customers on your service.
  • No cost to you. There is no registration fee, annual fee, or membership dues to be a member of our service network.
  • Develop new business contacts and associate with leading recognized companies to service home warranty and referral programs. CCHS works with a diverse portfolio of clients, including some of the nation's leading companies in the financial services, utility, insurance, membership, appliance manufacturing and real estate industries. Our clients often have lists of their preferred local service providers. By providing quality service to our customers, you gain the opportunity to become a preferred partner of the client. We also work with major parts and equipment distributors and manufacturers, giving you the opportunity to develop new business relationships.

Plus, it's easy to work with CCHS:

Easy Dispatching and Approval

  • Online work order retrieval
  • Online approval requests with real-time response

Prompt Payment

  • Online invoicing
  • Direct deposit options

Expert Support and Solutions

  • Dynamic Vendor RatingSM system
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Consistent performance feedback

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