Connected Home Customers

The "Internet of Things" is growing, and an increasing number of consumers are using web-connected devices to monitor conditions in their homes. If you're among these consumers, then you already enjoy the peace of mind that comes from getting an immediate alert when there's a problem that needs your attention.

Now, imagine being a just few clicks or taps away from getting those problems resolved. CCHS is developing cutting edge apps to bring its nationwide service network to your fingertips, making your home automation experience complete.

Make your smart home even smarter

Get more from any of your smart devices, regardless of the manufacturer or system you use. Our Connected Home Service Response Platform makes smart homes even smarter by taking care of any repair issues that may arise - fully controllable anywhere from your phone or home computer.

Here are some of the benefits you will see:

  • Simple, Easy Repairs – The Service Response Platform helps to detect exactly what is wrong with your appliance, and provides you the smartest and most effective solution on how to fix it, taking the guessing work out of home repairs.
  • Regular Upkeep with Less Hassle – Have your Connected Home system alert you and send a professional to you when your appliances need regular maintenance - saving you time and effort and making sure your home stays up and running all the time.
  • You’re in Control – The Service Response Platform automatically suggests a qualified service provider and coordinates a time that works for your schedule
  • Clear Expectations - Say goodbye to long windows of time and ambiguous pricing. With the Service Response Platform you can track exactly when someone will arrive at your house, review the estimated cost for your service, and monitor their progress throughout the home repair.
  • Seamless Experience - From monitoring to repair, all you need is one app to help keep all of your appliances in your home in proper working order.
  • Peace of Mind - From having a safe, qualified professional servicing your home to knowing that your home appliances are taken care of – the Service Response Platform has you covered in one, easy to use platform.

How can I sign up?

Ask your home security, home automation or smart device provider if they offer the Service Response Platform from CCHS.