Connected Home Providers

How can the Service Response Platform help my business?

By solving the most common problems faced by device manufacturers and their customers, the Service Response Platform can increase customer satisfaction and the overall benefits of smart devices.

Repair Services

Problem: "My customers are receiving alerts that things are broken, and they expect me to resolve it."

Solution:  You and your customers can resolve these alerts simply and quickly using our service network.

Maintenance Services

Problem: "My connected home devices understand patterns and data anomalies, but I don't know how to monetize this data."

Solution: You have the ability to market transactional and recurring maintenance services to customers, offering more options for customers experiencing inefficiencies in their home systems.

Installation Services

Problem: "My customers are buying devices from various manufacturers, but they are expecting me to help with the installation and setup of all of them."

Solution: You and your customers have the option of on-site, professional installation and setup of virtually any smart home device.

How does the Service Response Platform work?

By doing the real work for you. It lets you:

  • Integrate Simply and Seamlessly - The Service Response Platform is cloud-based, so it easily integrates and scales across hundreds of appliances and systems in the connected home. We make it easy for you to ensure that your devices provide regular maintenance and repair services, so your customers don’t have to.
  • Create a Closed-Loop Experience - Go beyond monitoring and alerts. Because our platform provides an experience that is entirely native to your app or website, homeowners can manage the maintenance, service and repair process for nearly any appliance or system in the home, all in one place.
  • Leverage and Extend Your Brand - White Label our solution to maintain your existing connected home mobile app user experience and customer relationships.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - Monitoring for specific and regular maintenance is crucial to the health of any home appliance or system.  Our platform as a service model extends the life-cycle of nearly all products by assisting homeowners in the maintenance of their home.
  • Be More Innovative - Stand out from the competition by solving more challenges for your customers. Supplement your products and services with a platform that truly closes the loop on the connected home.

To learn more about how our Service Response Platform can help grow your business, ask us about partnership opportunities today.

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