Operation Appliance AidSM Makes a Special New Year's Delivery to Veteran Family In Liberty, S.C.


Anderson, S.C. (January 7, 2013) – Cross Country Home Services, Inc. (CCHS), one of the country's leading providers of home warranty products and maintenance plans, has given a special new year's gift to a local Liberty, S.C. veteran, as part of their OPERATION APPLIANCE AIDSM: Keeping things running smoothly for our veterans program.  Scott Gray, a retired U.S. Marine Corps veteran, received a brand new GE® refrigerator and washing machine. 

"CCHS is very proud to be an American company, and the Operation Appliance Aid program reflects the strong patriotic sentiments and appreciation for our veterans felt throughout our company. Giving back to veterans who live in the communities where our offices are located is a real privilege," said CCHS President Sandra Finn. "We recognize the significant struggles many of these families face,  and we believe that providing help in the form of a new appliance can bring an immediate sense of relief to them and a little holiday cheer."

Gray served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1983 – 1991 and is currently serving in the S.C. National Guard and is an employee of Cross Country Home Services in their Anderson customer care facility.  He was recently injured in a motorcycle accident and his fiancé was also seriously injured a car accident.  With outstanding medical bills and time lost from work, the couple could not afford to purchase a new refrigerator and washing machine on a single income. 

OPERATION APPLIANCE AIDSM  was launched earlier this year in Ft. Lauderdale, where the company's headquarters is located, with great success. Last month, in honor of Veterans Day, OPERATION APPLIANCE AIDSM was expanded to Anderson, S.C.  Through the program, CCHS provides appliances and appliance packages to veteran and military service families in need.  To date, six families have been given appliances and appliance packages, and one family was given an air-conditioning system for their home. 

For more information about the program or to nominate a veteran in need, please visit  

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