National Survey Reveals 65% of Consumers Repaired or Replaced a Home System or Appliance In 2012

Air Conditioners Among Top Named Systems To Be Repaired or Replaced


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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (April 30, 2013) — TotalProtect, one of the country's leading home warranty products, recently conducted an extensive national survey and found 65% of consumers had to repair or replace a major appliance or home system last year. Of the 1,059 respondents who needed repairs spent an average of $840 and those who had to make a replacement spent an average of $1,200. More than 35% of the survey respondents had both a repair and a replacement; and air conditioners were among the top named system to be repaired or replaced.

TotalProtect is a consumer product owned by Cross Country Home Services (CCHS), one of the country's leading providers of home warranty products and maintenance plans. These findings are especially relevant as the hot summer months approach. The statistics coincide with CCHS's own data that shows their call volume increases in the summer due to air conditioner repairs or replacements needed. The company staffs up in the spring so that they are well-equipped to handle this increase while continuing to deliver the prompt and high-level service that is their hallmark.




Air conditioner




Plumbing system (leaks/breaks in pipes, toilets)


  Water heater


Heating system


  Air conditioner






Water heater








Source: Survey conducted by Results based on responses from 1,059 homeowner respondents located in the continental U.S. Reproduction of this survey available upon request.

Staffing Up for the Summer

CCHS has recently announced it will hire 130 new employees in the first two quarters of 2013. There will be 90 new hires at the company's customer service facility in Anderson, S.C. and 40 at their headquarters in Sunrise, Fla. CCHS currently has more than 600 employees and operates its call centers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of the new positions will be dedicated to customer service and authorizations.

"A home warranty can provide valuable peace of mind to families when a major appliance or home system unexpectedly needs to repaired or replaced. You know you're covered," said CCHS president Sandra Finn. "We know that a broken air conditioner or heating system can be disastrous for a family, so we've made sure our customer service and response protocols are such that we're always prepared to be there when our customers face these kinds of emergencies."

Other Survey Findings

TotalProtect released other findings from the survey earlier this year. One question asked consumers what the biggest challenge is to having a major appliance or home system repaired or replaced. The results: 56 percent said finding a reliable repair person was their top concern. Fear of being scammed by the repair person ranked second on the list with nearly 35 percent noting the concern; and scheduling the repair and finding time to meet the repair person tied for third at 26 percent. Read more here.

The survey also asked consumers what dollar amount for an unexpected home repair would push them off their "personal fiscal cliff." The results: more than 60% said that less than $2,000 would be devastating to their household finances. Read more here.

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