5 Reasons Claims Submittal is Easier Than Ever with ServiceBench

We know that the Claims Submittal process can be time consuming and difficult, but with the our new ServiceBench app you will spend less time waiting and more time making money. Here’s how.

1. We won’t leave you hanging (on the phone)

Gone are the days of having to wait to get authorized prior to completing a job. With ServiceBench, you can follow the claims process from start to finish by checking the app while on the jobsite.

2. We do (some of) the heavy lifting for you

You don’t have to fill out every detail on every form anymore. CCHS is making it easier than ever to submit claims by pre-populating the forms with the job information.

3. We are always just a text away

Now you can chat with CCHS customer service reps via text on the ServiceBench app to quickly get answers on questions you might have about coverages.

4. Seeing is believing

The power is in your hands, at least when you are holding your phone or tablet. ServiceBench lets you see the status in real time via notifications that alert you about each stage of the process.

5. Less paperwork to getting paid

We know you would rather be out in the field instead of drowning in paperwork. ServiceBench will now automatically process your claims, making it easier to get paid.

Starting today, all of our Service Partners are able to sign up at www.cchs.com/service-network. If you have any question, you can feel free to reach us at 1-800-531-3466.