About Our Service Partner Network

A pioneer and innovator in the home warranty industry, Cross Country Home Services, Inc. (CCHS), builds, maintains and manages one of the largest independent service networks in the country, with over 40,000 licensed and insured service professionals.

Flexible Options

CCHS is a multi-product, multi-market provider of home service products, with product offerings designed, priced and tailored to meet the varied needs of our clients. To support our comprehensive product suite we offer flexible membership options for our service providers.

With CCHS, you decide which service programs are right for your business. The more programs you enroll in, the more customers you will have the potential to reach. Whether you choose to provide warranty, referral, preventive maintenance, or all three services, CCHS opens a world of opportunity giving you more ways to earn new customers and grow your business.

To learn more about these options and the advantages of working with CCHS, download our contractor brochure or call 800.531.3466.

Partnership Requirements

CCHS is very selective when it comes to choosing service providers to represent us. We maintain the strictest standards of utilizing only first-class, qualified service professionals through a continuous process of recruiting, qualifying, and monitoring our extensive nationwide service network.

Each service provider will go through a comprehensive screening process and must meet our standards of quality and service to be accepted into our network.

To be considered you must meet the following membership requirements:

  • Hold and maintain commercial general liability insurance, including products and combined operations coverage written on an occurrence basis in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit, per occurrence, and $1,000,000 general annual aggregate.
  • Hold and maintain automobile liability insurance for all owned, non-owned, and hired autos, in the amount of $500,000 combined single limit, per accident.
  • Hold and maintain workers’ compensation in the state in which operations are being performed, including coverage for proprietors and partners where permitted by law, with statutory limits.
  • List Cross Country Home Services and/or their subsidiaries and affiliates as a certificate holder and additional insured on the insurance certificate.
  • Required to fulfill the application for membership to include the completed Service Provider Application, Signed Terms of Agreement, Service Rates and Zip Codes, all valid licenses held, and certificates of insurance coverage.

Apply online today. We look forward to helping you grow your business!


Benefits of Joining Our Network

Let Our Customers BecomeYour Customers

Since 1978, CCHS has offered a comprehensive product suite, including home service plans, home maintenance, energy efficiency products, emergency home assistance, line protection and custom products. We have helped businesses like yours increase their customer base and revenue.

We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. Some of the many value-added benefits our service providers experience include:

  • Increase your sales and service volume. We can help build your business by referring you to our home warranty plan holders and real estate agents.
  • Create additional awareness and repeat business for your business without increasing marketing costs. If a warranty holder allows their warranty to expire, they are more likely to call you for their future service needs. In addition, if the service problem you have diagnosed is not covered by the warranty holder’s plan, you can provide a quote and personally sell new customers on your service.
  • No cost to you. There is no registration fee, annual fee, or membership dues to be a member of our service network.
  • Develop new business contacts and associate with leading recognized companies to service home warranty and referral programs. CCHS works with a diverse portfolio of clients, including some of the nation’s leading companies in the financial services, utility, insurance, membership, appliance manufacturing and real estate industries. Our clients often have lists of their preferred local service providers. By providing quality service to our customers, you gain the opportunity to become a preferred partner of the client. We also work with major parts and equipment distributors and manufacturers, giving you the opportunity to develop new business relationships.

Plus, it’s easy to work with CCHS:

Easy Dispatching and Approval

  • Online work order retrieval
  • Online approval requests with real-time response

Prompt Payment

  • Online invoicing
  • Direct deposit options

Expert Support and Solutions

  • Dynamic Vendor RatingSM system
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Consistent performance feedback

View the service process to learn how simple providing quality service for CCHS can be.


We’re Dedicated to Your Success

Our service network management team is committed to working with you to promote your success. We strive to foster open communication and feedback. We regularly share key metrics with our providers, reinforcing strengths and providing solutions for development areas.

In addition, CCHS is dedicated to improving the service provider membership experience. We regularly solicit input from our service providers on our business processes and ways we can improve our relationship. We offer our service providers many skill and business development opportunities, including sharing of industry best practices and networking opportunities, all aimed at increasing the value of our relationship and raising the level of delivery to our customers. See what our network members have to say about working with us.

From applying for membership to ongoing account management, we’re always working to develop a true partnership with each of our service providers because it allows us to create long-lasting relationships and repeated successes.

Apply online today in a few easy steps.


Apply Online

If you are interested in becoming a service partner for CCHS, we invite you to apply today. Use the online application, or call us at 800.531.3466. Your personal Enrollment Specialist is available to assist you with completing the application process.